Collaboration Fashion & Art ME TODAY & Alexander Yaya

Collaboration Fashion & Art ME TODAY & Alexander Yaya

The Russian fashion brand ME TODAY, created by two sisters Elena and Julia Danilova, teamed up with famous artists from Barcelona, ​​brothers Alexander and Will Yaya, to say a new word in street fashion.

Brothers Alexander and Will Yaya are Spanish artists and sculptors, winemakers and businessmen, art curators and gallery owners, founders of CRISOLART NewYork / Barselona art galleries and the international art magazine ARTMOSPHERE.

Elena and Julia Danilov are young talented Moscow designers who have experience working with Nikas Safronov, Svetlana Lyalina and many other Fashion & Art stars.

Alexandra Timorina, representative of Artmosphere & CrisolartGalleries in Russia (St. Petersburg):

“Recently, the interpenetration of art and fashion has become deeper and deeper - and this is not only a matter of commerce. Artists decorate shop windows and store interiors and even create pop-up museums with fashion houses. A fascinating “novel” of fashion and art, began back in the 20th century and continues today. From drawings by young street artists on Louis Vuitton silk shawls, “activist” Prada dresses to graffiti in stage design and fashion shows on the walls of concept stores. From the synthesis of fashion and street art, some of the most striking images of contemporary visual culture and iconic fashionable images of our time are born. The creators, as it were, say to the public: "We are more than just the creators of things."

We are very pleased to cooperate with the professional team of Me Today, headed by Elena and Julia Danilov. Effective collaborations that make sense both from the point of view of art and from the point of view of business are not an easy task, however, when a company takes it seriously and thoughtfully, art collaborations can take the business to a whole new level.

It is especially pleasant that ME TODAY made it possible to buy designer designer clothes of premium fabrics at a price affordable to the middle class.

Today I can buy ME TODAY clothes on the site with worldwide delivery and in retail stores in Moscow. In the near future it is planned to open points of sale in St. Petersburg. ” in Moscow: trans. Stoleshnikov 7 p. 3, Shopping Center Aviapark.

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