About Us

Me today is a Russian brand of women's clothing created by sisters Elena and Yulia Danilov.
There are four sisters in the family ...
When you are not alone, when you take care of your loved ones, you show responsibility, help, love, this feeling remains on all my life.
The mission of Me today is to take care of every girl, helping her to feel and express her beauty, external and internal.
Clothing Me today combines the style of a bustling city, bright rest, aspirations to do better TODAY, than yesterday.
Stylish models, high quality tailoring, premium Italian fabrics, which until then could only be afforded by brands of the lux segment.
We want beautiful and high-quality things to be in your wardrobe.

"By showing yourself TODAY, You create your tomorrow!"

Welcome to the Me today family!


Art inspires




My name is Yulia Danilova, I am a fashion director and founder of MeToday. The company began as a creative art-fashion project with the aim of adding vibrant colors of contemporary art to the classic images of women's wardrobe. Then the project grew into a small club boutique and online store.

MeToday today is a complete line of capsule wardrobe for bright and classic feminine looks for all occasions. As before, all collections of the brand are exclusive, as they are sewn in the amount of only a few dozen units. From the very beginning we use only the best Italian fabrics, such as MaxMara, Loro Piana, Christian Dior, previously available only for the luxury segment.

MeToday is a sophisticated way to express yourself in the rhythm of modern life. We are inspired by the laconicism of the timeless classics of women's fashion (classic line), freedom and harmony with oneself (everyday line), as well as bright images of modern art (Limited Art Collection).

Welcome to the MeToday club!

The Russian fashion brand Me Today has teamed up with the famous artists from Barcelona, brothers Alexander and Will Yaya, to say a new word in art fashion.

Brothers Alexander and Will Yaya are Spanish painters and sculptors, winemakers and businessmen, art curators and gallery owners, founders of the CRISOLART NewYork / Barselona art galleries and the international art magazine ARTMOSPHERE.

“Recently, the interpenetration of art and fashion has become deeper - and here it is no longer just a matter of commerce. Artists decorate shop windows and interiors, and even create pop-up museums with fashion houses. A fascinating "romance" of fashion and art, began in the XX century and continues today. From young street artists' drawings on Louis Vuitton silk scarves, Prada 'activist' dresses to graffiti in catwalk scenography and on the walls of concept stores. From the synthesis of fashion and street art, some of the most striking images of contemporary visual culture and iconic fashion images of our time are born. Creators seem to be telling the public: "We are more than just creators of things."

We are very pleased to cooperate with the professional Me Today team led by Elena and Yulia Danilov. Effective collaborations that make sense from both an art and a business point of view are not easy, but when a company approaches it seriously and thoughtfully, art collaborations can take business to a whole new level.

It is especially pleasant that Me Today made it possible to purchase designer clothes of premium fabrics at a price affordable for the middle class.

Already today, you can buy Me Today clothes on the website with worldwide delivery and in retail stores in Moscow.