Large cinema and ME TODAY

Large cinema and ME TODAY

In Tula, the film "Selfimania" was shot, where they used the art collection of the ME TODAY brand for costumes in the shootings. The creators of our brand Elena and Julia Danilov also took part in the filming.

  The film "Self-Mania" consists of 7 multi-genre stories related by a common theme - the incredible impact of the phenomenon of self on people's lives. Each of the seven short stories of the feature film is associated with one of the deadly sins.

  The project was initiated by the Italian film company STEMO Production, which quickly found partners in the international arena. Now Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Austria are participating in the project.

  Alexey Vorobyov played the main role in the Russian-Italian film, the company was made up of the beautiful blonde Ieva Andreevayte and Bond girl Katerina Murino, as well as the famous Russian fighter and actor Oleg Taktarov.

  The plot focuses on the story of Yana (Ieva Andreyevayte), a popular travel blogger who visits her hometown of Tula to tell her subscribers how the city has transformed during her absence. Events unfold in an unexpected way after Yana meets at a party with Emilia (Katerina Murino), an influential Italian businesswoman, and her young man George (Alexei Vorobyov). The clash of characters and interests becomes a test for girls.

The premiere of the film is expected in the summer of 2020.