Art without borders

Art without borders

Already having time to fall in love with Moscow fashionistas, the Me Today brand took a rapid step forward and opened new horizons. In a literal and figurative sense. The Me Today capsule collection, created in collaboration with Alexander Yaya, a famous Spanish artist and owner of the Crisolart Galleries in Barcelona, ​​has become a real event both in the fashion world and in the world of contemporary art.


For the first time, the collection was presented at the exhibition of contemporary art in Armenia (Armenia Art Fair), where, along with paintings by Alexander Yai, connoisseurs could see T-shirts, sweatshirts and silk scarves with the artist's prints. The perfect fusion of fashion and art.


The idea of ​​creating an art collection seemed to be in the air. Not without reason, from the lips of critics more than once sounded the opinion that the works of Alexander Yaya could decorate the interior, turn into prints on clothes, stained glass or jewelry. It is amazing how the Danilov sisters, the creators of the Me Today brand, turned the idea into reality, enabling girls around the world to make their world more beautiful, allowing art to go beyond the galleries, and its magic to become part of life. Perhaps this is what the new art collection owes its success to?


In the works of Alexander Yaya, fish fly through the sky and sit in the hands of girls with blue hair. What is the tale of Alexander Yaya? Maybe about a magical fish called Inspiration, which is so difficult to catch in a stream of fuss? Or about a stopped moment of beauty? About a dream so fragile that you can't hold it? Or about a woman who, like a wonderful fish, becomes for a man the embodiment of dreams and harmony. The real magic is that everyone will find their answer to this question - in their heart.


We live in a time when borders are blurring, and the various forms and forms of art intertwined create something new and exciting. Futurologists promise us a world without borders. You can take the first step into it today. Together with Me Today.