Opening of ME TODAY Corner

Opening of ME TODAY Corner

On July 26, 2019, the festive opening of the ME TODAY fashionable women's clothing corner was held at TrendIsland Aviapark Shopping Center.

ME TODAY is a new Russian brand created by Elena and Julia Danilov: premium Italian fabrics, high quality tailoring, stylish and vibrant models, exclusive design, art collaboration with world famous artists.

It is noteworthy that, simultaneously with the opening of the store, the grand opening of the Spanish Representation of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers took place. The main guest of the event is the famous artist, gallery owner and public figure Alexander Yaya from Barcelona. It is his person who is the link in these two informational occasions.

Talented Russian designers Elena and Julia Danilov turned bright and cheerful paintings by Alexander Yaya into magical colorful prints on the clothes of the new ME TODAY collection.

What is the tale of Alexander Yaya? Maybe about a magical fish called Inspiration, which is so difficult to catch in a stream of fuss? Or about a stopped moment of beauty? About a dream so fragile that you can't hold it? Or about a woman who, like a wonderful fish, becomes for a man the embodiment of dreams and harmony?

The artist relishes the large planes of pure color, bright combinations, large forms. His paintings resemble a collage: a combination of flat and three-dimensional, realistic and abstract, smooth and textured painting. At the same time, the composition remains clear and concise.

Alexander Yaya is an artist and sculptor, creator and businessman, general director of art galleries Сrisolart Galleries, Artmosphere magazine and wine art gallery.

Over the past few years, Alexander Yaya has been successfully cooperating with Russian partners in the organization of art exhibitions, conferences, events in the field of art and fashion. Over the past two years, under his patronage, more than 50 Russian-Spanish international projects in the field of fine art have been carried out.

In July 2019, the Board of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers, headed by Anatoly Nikolayevich Konstantinov, decided to open the Representative Office of the Russian Creative Union in Spain by appointing Alexander Yai as chairman of the Spanish mission.

Inside the representative office, it was first decided to single out a separate Guild of Fashion and Design, headed by the founders of the brand ME TODAY Elena and Julia Danilov.

This attention to the union of art and fashion is not given by chance. The question of whether fashion can be considered one of the forms of art regularly provokes heated debate between two opposite camps. The Artmoshere Art Perspective team does not hesitate to answer in the affirmative and is ready to convince all those who believe that the fashion industry has nothing to do with “high matter”.

Elena and Julia Danilov are the founders of the ME TODAY brand, young talented Moscow designers. It is very important that, in addition to commercial and artistic goals, girls see social tasks in their work. Ahead of the leaders of the Fashion and Design Guild of the Representative Office of the Russian Creative Union in Spain are many interesting plans and projects.

“The idea, or rather the dream, to create beautiful and high-quality things that any girl could afford, was born back in the 90s. We grew up in a large family with four sisters. It was difficult to buy clothes; we ourselves invented and sewed models. When you are not alone, when you care about your loved ones, show responsibility, help, love, these feelings remain for life. Our goal is to create stylish models, high quality tailoring, premium Italian fabrics that only brands of the lux segment could afford before - at a price affordable to any girl. We sincerely want beautiful things to be available to every girl, regardless of age, style of dress and income, ”says Elena and Julia Danilov.

Alexandra Timorina, representative of Artmosphere & CrisolartGalleries in Russia (St. Petersburg), deputy chairman of the Representative Office of the Russian Creative Union in Spain: “Recently, the interpenetration of art and fashion has become deeper, and this is not just a matter of commerce. Artists decorate shop windows and store interiors and even create pop-up museums with fashion houses. A fascinating “novel” of fashion and art, began back in the 20th century and continues today. From drawings by young street artists on Louis Vuitton silk shawls, “activist” Prada dresses to graffiti in stage design and fashion shows on the walls of concept stores. From the synthesis of fashion and art, the most vivid images of our time are born. The creators, as it were, say to the public: "We are more than just the creators of things."

We are very pleased to cooperate with the professional ME TODAY team led by Elena and Julia Danilovs. Effective collaborations that make sense both from the point of view of art and from the point of view of business are interesting but complex projects, while when all participants take this seriously and thoughtfully, art collaborations can take the business to a whole new level.

It is especially pleasant that ME TODAY made it possible to buy designer designer clothes from premium European fabrics at a price affordable to ordinary people.

Already today ME TODAY clothes can be purchased on the site with delivery worldwide and in retail stores in Moscow. In the near future, it is planned to open sales points in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Barcelona. Very soon, in November 2019, it is planned to open the second ME TODAY store in Moscow - in the Metropolis shopping center.

About the organizers and partners:

ME TODAY is the Russian fashion brand ME TODAY, created by two sisters Elena and Julia Danilov. Elena and Julia Danilov are young talented Moscow designers who have experience working with Nikas Safronov, Svetlana Lyalina and many other Fashion & Art stars. The mission of ME TODAY today is to take care of each girl, helping her to feel and express her beauty, external and internal. ME TODAY clothing combines the style of a bustling city, vibrant relaxation, aspirations to do better today than yesterday. Stylish models, high quality tailoring, premium Italian fabrics that only brands in the luxury segment could afford before.

Art - Artmosphere magazine "The Art Perspective" is a quarterly international publication dedicated to the world of high art, painting, fashion, architecture, photography, music, an art lifestyle, etc. The magazine has been published since 2013. Now Artmosphere is distributed in 26 countries. Artmosphere Magazine covers the most important international fairs and exhibitions held in museums, galleries and private collections around the world. It is published once a quarter in English with the support of the CrisollartGalleries network of international galleries.

CrisollartGalleries is a network of international art galleries with over 25 years of experience. At the moment, representative offices are opened in Barcelona (Spain) and New York (USA). The head office of the company is located on Villarroel 43 in Barcelona, ​​in one of the most active commercial areas of the city and strategically important areas for art, not far from the University Square. Details at

Federal network of business publications "Man of Business". Сhief time is designed for an active business audience, Russian-speaking leaders of commercial companies, as well as managers of non-profit organizations. The audience of the glossy business publication Man of Business is executives, businessmen, CEOs, company executives. The magazine is franchised in separate issues in 18 cities of Russia (15 issues). The central office is in St. Petersburg.

The Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers (RTSRK) is an all-Russian public organization. It was established in 1990. Currently it has 62 regional branches in Russia and two international representative offices in Italy and Spain. An important area of ​​the Union’s work is the organization and holding of meetings, seminars, competitions, cultural forums, concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and other events with the aim of promoting and promoting the growth of national and world culture. www.rtsrk.rf

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