An article about ME TODAY in the Business Club and Man of Doing Magazine

An article about ME TODAY in the Business Club and Man of Doing Magazine

Russian designers have launched a new clothing brand ME TODAY.
The appearance of a new brand in the era of a highly competitive fashion market is a rather bold decision. The fashion retail market has been undergoing transformation for several years. Not only the pattern of customer behavior, but also the demands are changing. In the era of social media, everyone seeks to emphasize their individuality. To create an exclusive offer on the market, find your buyer and increase sales in the new economic conditions is not an easy task for many brands. Russian designers increasingly began to win in this fight against foreign brands.

On July 26, 2019, the opening of the new flagship ME TODAY boutique was held at Aviapark Mall. The main guest was the famous artist, gallery owner and public figure Alexander Yaya from Barcelona. It was his paintings that inspired the brand designer to create a new line of clothing with bright prints.

Our goal is the creation of stylish models, high quality tailoring, premium Italian fabrics, which only lux brands could afford before, at a price affordable to any girl. We sincerely want beautiful things to be available to every girl regardless of age, style of dress and income, ”says Julia Danilova, chief designer of ME TODAY brand. In the near future it is planned to open points of sale in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and other large cities of Russia. And in November 2019, a second store will open in Moscow in the Metropolis shopping center. The plans of brand development in the international market and the opening of boutiques in Barcelona and Milan, as well as active online promotion.

“I have a lot of experience in retail, over 20 years, I see a trend in the development of activity in the online space. We have a website that we are developing, and an Instagram page. I thought about the possibility that soon all purchases will be made online, but, having studied the demand of customers and the results of the survey that we conducted, I realized that it was also necessary to be offline. Even Generation Z wants to touch their clothes, get a tactile feel. Therefore, we will develop our brand both online and offline, ”says Elena Danilova, founder and chief strategist of the brand development ME TODAY.

People come to shopping centers not only to make purchases, but also to meet friends, chat and spend holidays with their families. Live communication is something that is so lacking in the digital age. The girls decided to organize a series of meetings with interesting speakers “I choose today” in the lecture hall of the SEC “Aviapark”, at which anyone can get an answer to their question or find out something interesting, for example, how to open their own business.
In addition, Julia and Elena Danilov plan to actively engage in social activities and will be leading the Fashion and Design Guild at the Representative Office of the Russian Creative Union in Spain.

ME TODAY is the Russian fashion brand ME TODAY, created by two sisters Elena and Julia Danilov. Elena and Julia Danilov are young talented Moscow designers who have experience working with Nikas Safronov, Svetlana Lyalina and many other Fashion & Art stars. The mission of ME TODAY today is to take care of each girl, helping her to feel and express her beauty, external and internal. ME TODAY clothing combines the style of a bustling city, vibrant relaxation, aspirations to do better today than yesterday. Stylish models, high quality tailoring, premium Italian fabrics that only brands in the luxury segment could afford before.